La gente de HT


encuentre ocho diferencias

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  • Birthday Party
  • University Students Federation Headquarters
  • National Hotel
  • Friends
  • Sound Check
  • Manzanares Building
  • Cuban Orchestra Practice
  • Yara Movie Theater
  • Nuestra Señora del Carmen Church
  • National Aquarium of Cuba
  • Learning to Swim
  • Revolution Monument
  • Rock Concert
  • Downtown Shop
  • Pushing a Vintage Car
  • After the Rain
  • The Railway
  • On the Road
  • Line at Coppelia
  • The Yutong Bus
  • Casona de Linea
  • Cuban Shop
  • High-School Goes to the Countryside
  • 23rd and L
  • Cuban “Pioneros”

  • 2 thoughts on “La gente de HT

    • Once again, Circles you are just out of this are those young people whom you have encouraged to speak truth to power.
      However, i still believe that Yordanka, will be my favorite for yrs to come. Suffice, that her writings came full circle during the Juanes concert this weekend ( i am in Miami now) Suffice, that i was able to realize a few more constants. ..You will find my writings taking on a more human, less aggressive nature in the future however, not to say that i will change overnight, but as with anything..i am willing to work on this new Milagros…

    • HT: To whomever is laboring to bring these picture comparison puzzles to readers: Bravo! Your work is a delight. (And what a way to make people pay attention to the content of photos! It makes still images interactive and sort of converts them into mini-movies.)

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